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Tailored Strategies
For Unique

At Schwartz & Stafford, we value justice, honesty and efficiency. We are available anytime to discuss a client’s case when the need arises. 

In building our firm we have gathered a devoted team with an abundance of experience. We put great emphasis on business law and commercial litigation.  In today’s rapidly-changing environment, clients require assistance in all business spheres. Our experience allows us to be confident in our words and stand by our work.

Our firm was established in 1995. We have worked tirelessly to hone our skills and have proven our competence while maintaining well-established relationships with our clients. 

Our Legal Practice Areas


Banking & Finance

Fulfill responsibilities, avoid penalties. Our firm represents commercial clients who are engaged with and on behalf of financial institutions.


Commercial Litigation

Not every case needs to be litigated, but when they do, our attorneys are prepared to handle cases in federal, state and appellate courts.


Mediation / Arbitration

An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure*. Disputes arise, people disagree, but that does not mean a lawsuit is a foregone conclusion.


Corporate Compliance

Adherence to the varying federal and state statutes is guaranteed through our experienced staff of attorneys and paralegals.


Corporate Asset Recovery

Our attorneys pursue asset recovery on behalf of our clients via negotiation, litigation and post-judgment procedure.


Levies, Liens & Garnishments

We have have extensive experience advising clients and have developed a national presence in the area of levies, liens and garnishments.

We manage our clients litigation, so our clients can focus on managing their business.