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Banking & Finance

Fulfill responsibilities, avoid penalties. Our firm represents commercial clients and financial institutions; both of whom need to make sure they comply with State and Federal regulations. Schwartz & Stafford regularly provides guidance on enforcement of contracts, loan workouts, enforcement of judgments and garnishment proceedings. Our Firm recognizes the important role financial institutions play in our country’s economic climate.

Commercial Litigation

Not every case needs to be litigated, but when they do, our attorneys are prepared to handle cases in federal, state and appellate courts. Our Firm handles a myriad of commercial disputes, including breach of contracts, alter ego, breach of good faith, corporate asset recovery and writs of garnishment. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss and resolve many other issues that face our clients.

Selecting the right place to litigate


Arbitration, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution tools are some of the most effective ways of mitigating costs, preserving relationships and finding a mutually beneficial resolution to what could have been a long drawn out lawsuit. Our Firm’s attorneys possess the skills needed to investigate every aspect of a case in order to find a resolution where not everyone feels like they lost. Our goal is to prevent a “lose-lose” lawsuit by negotiating a “win-win” settlement.

Getting the right lawyer doesn't need to be difficult

Corporate Compliance

We have extensive experience advising commercial clients on ever-changing state and federal laws and regulations, including those specifically related to levies, liens and garnishments. Our guidance allows our clients to safely navigate in areas of litigation that other firms avoid. While many challenges exist, Schwartz & Stafford is able to tailor its compliance counsel toward the particular needs facing each segment of their industry.

Corporate Asset Recovery

Our attorneys pursue asset recovery on behalf of our clients via negotiation, litigation and post-judgment procedure. The firm is skilled at judgment enforcement by way of garnishment. With decades of experience related to not only locating assets, but recovering them; our goal has always been to send clients checks, not invoices.

Levies, Liens & Garnishments

Varying statutes can be a roadmap for success or a trap for the unwary. While the potential liability for a judgment-debtor is limited to assets on hand, a financial institution’s exposure can be much greater. No two states are alike and having competent counsel with knowledge of each state’s nuances is essential to avoid a misstep. We have extensive experience advising businesses and financial institutions on how to implement best practices to comply and stay ahead of the always changing laws in this area of the law. 

We manage our clients litigation, so our clients can focus on managing their business.